Notice / Circular

Subject Published Date
Circular: LTC Special Cash Package- Intimation of due dates to apply and submission of invoices/bills 03/03/2021
Order: Sanction of Advance for purchase of personal computer 02/03/2021
Circular: Sanction of Special Festival Advance 24/02/2021
Orders: Nomination of the members for the Cell for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) of MANUU 19/02/2021
Circular for Re-opening of the University in a Phased Manner 19/02/2021
Office Order: Preventive measures to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Attendance of Central Government Employees/Officials 17/02/2021
Circular: Conduct of One Week Online Workshop for MANUU Students on "Employability Skills" 17/02/2021
Circular: Re-opening of University in a Phased Manner Teaching Faculty 12/02/2021
Circular: Re-Opening of the university in a phased Manner 11/02/2021
Circular: Re-opening of the University in a Phase Manner "Second Phase" 09/02/2021
Office Order: Sanction of Advance for purchase of Personal Computer 04/02/2021
Office Order: Sanction of Special/Festival Advance to Regular Staff 04/02/2021
Orders: Hindi Teaching Scheme –3rd Batch of Hindi Parangat Classes under Hindi Teaching Scheme Nominated for Online Training Programme 02/02/2021
Office Order: Guidelines for Surveillance, Containment and caution till 28th February, 2021 01/02/2021
Circular: Declaration of Immovable Property Return by the Teaching, Academic and Non-Teaching Staff of MANUU as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education 01/02/2021
Orders: Constitution of Advisory Committee for Centre for Urdu Culture Studies 25/01/2021
Office Order: Constitution of the Committee for Physical Stock Verification Books in CUCS Library 25/01/2021
Circular: Call for Applications for award of Non-NET Fellowship to Ph.D. Scholars admitted in the Academic Year 2020-21 22/01/2021
Circular for Celebrating Republic Day on 26th January, 2021 21/01/2021
Office Order: UGC Guidelines for Reopening the University and Colleges Post Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic-Campaign for roll out of COVID-19 Vaccine from University Networks and Online Platforms 18/01/2021
Circular: Re-opening of the University in a Phased Manner 13/01/2021
Orders: Appointment of Coordinators for UGC's Equal Opportunity Cell (Coaching Schemes for SC/ST/OBC) 08/01/2021
Notice: Non-Receipt of information from Several Departments/Sections sought by MoE/UGC and other Central Agencies 08/01/2021
Request to provide Government Hospitals facility (if required) in view of re-opening of the University in a phased manner 08/01/2021
Circular: Counselling Sessions for newly admitted students 2020-2021 07/01/2021
Circular: Celebrating 23rd Foundation Day on 9th January 2021 07/01/2021
Circular: Income Tax Deduction from Salaries during Financial Year 2020-2021 06/01/2021
Office Order: Reconstitution of University Building Committe, Composition and Nominations 06/01/2021
Notification for CAS Promotion for Teaching Faculty of DDE and UGC-HRDC 06/01/2021
Notification: Constitution of Committee to frame the parameters and design a new Annual Performance Assessment Report for promotion of faculty members under CAS 05/01/2021
Office Order: Guidelines for Surveillance, Containment and Caution till 31st January, 2021 01/01/2021
Notice: DDE- Payment of remaining Fee by distance mode UG/PG students of 2018-19 Batch towards Registration in 2nd year and paid less fee while making online transaction in the year 2019-20 30/12/2020
Notification: MEWA Elections 2021 30/12/2020
Circular: Personal Computer Advance 28/12/2020
Office Order: Personal Computer advance sanctioned Submission of Original Invoices Intimation 28/12/2020
Order: Prof. Abdul Wahid, Dean, School of Technology, MANUU - Appointment as Director I/c, Centre for Information Technology (CIT) 24/12/2020
Circular: Seeking attendance details of faculty/staff from April to December 24/12/2020
Circular: Nomination for 3rd Batch of Hindi Parangat Course under Hindi Teaching Scheme at MANUU, Hyderabad 23/12/2020
Orders: Re-constitution of Standing Committee for Medical Reimbursement Scheme / Regulations 21/12/2020
Circular: Grant of cash Package equivalent in lieu of Leave Travel Concession Fare for Central Government Employees during the block 2018-21 17/12/2020
Circular: Sanction of Special/festival advance to MANUU employees 17/12/2020
Circular: Contact details of Academic Coordinators for B.A. Programme offered by School of Languages Linguistic & Indology (SLL&I) 11/12/2020
Circular: Second Phase of Online Students Induction Programme (SIP) 2020 11/12/2020
Circular: Payment of Staff Salary through TSA-PFMS 03/12/2020
Circular: Constitution of the Committee for Procurement of rare books from "Darul Tarjuma" 03/12/2020
Ordinary Election to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) declarion of local holiday on the day of election 01-12-2020 on tuesday 28/11/2020
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – 2020 26/11/2020
Reschedule of Academic Calender for the Academic 2020-21 for the programmes offered by MANUU except Srinagar Campus 26/11/2020
Orders: Schedule of 2nd batch Hindi Parangat Examinations Employees attending the exam are treated as "On Duty" 24/11/2020
Orders: Appointment of Members for IQAC,MANUU 18/11/2020
Orders: Constitution of committee for installation of Roof-top Solar Plant 16/11/2020
Orders: Continuance of UGC Schemes upto 31-03-2021 16/11/2020
Circular: Maulana Azad Day Celeberation 10/11/2020
Office Order: Assignment of additional charge of Incharge University Guest House to Dr. Mohd. Mubashir Ahmed, Assistant Registrar 10/11/2020
Six Day Online Students Induction Programme (SIP)-2020 06/11/2020
Orders: Extended Lockdown in Containment Zones till 30th November, 2020 03/11/2020
Implementation of National Education Policy-2020: last date for submission of feedback on NEP-2020 on MyGov Plateform has been extended till 31.10.2020 27/10/2020
Notice for Enrollment of the Students in Electoral Rolls of Mahbubnagar- Ranga Reddy- Hyderabad Graduates Constituency of Telangana Legislative Counsil 26/10/2020
Orders: Constitution of Committee for Procurement of fixed Assests under the UGC Allocation under Capital Assets for the Year 2020-21 26/10/2020
Orders: UNFPA MANUU (AEP) Project Constitution of Project Executive Committee (PEC) 23/10/2020
Circular: Submission of inputs with regard to National Education Policy 2020 18/10/2020
Orders: Constitution of COVID 19 Monitoring Committee 16/10/2020
Circular: Deduction of TDS from salaries during the F.Y.2020-21 (A.Y. 2021-22) 16/10/2020
Orders: Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID 19 15/10/2020
Orders: Declaration of Holidays on 14th and 15th October 2020 due to incessant rain 14/10/2020
Order: Extended Lockdown in Containment Zones till 31st October, 2020 01/10/2020
Circular: Term Completion Notice of MANUU Students Union 2019-20 01/10/2020
Circular: Institutionalizing the mentoring system in Departments 28/09/2020
Online Conference on "Enabling Equal Opportunity at India's Diversity Through a Gender Lens" on October 16, 2020 16/09/2020
Circular: SWAYAM PRABHA 15/09/2020
Notice: Expression of Interest- Moocs Participation in SWAYAM 14/09/2020
Circular on Parliament sessions from 14-09-2020 to 01-10-2020 10/09/2020
Circular: Online Teaching Learning Facilities at IMC 03/09/2020
Notice for submission of semester fee by BVoc programme students 03/09/2020
NAAC Webinar "Aacharya Devobhava" on 5th Sep 2020 03/09/2020
Circular: Condolence meeting of Former President of India and University Visitor, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee 01/09/2020
Order: Extended Lockdown in Containment Zones till 30th September 2020 01/09/2020
Cabinet Secretariat Notification on amendments under Schedule-I and Schedule II of the GOI (Allocation of Business)-Change in the name of MHRD as “ Ministry of Education” (Shiksha Mantrayala)- Official Modifications 28/08/2020
Inauguration of "Maulana Azad Virtual Museum" 27/08/2020
Orders: Hindi Teaching Scheme –2nd Batch of Hindi Parangat Classes under Hindi Teaching Scheme Re-Nominated for Online Training Programme 25/08/2020
Orders: Portal on Indian Science, Technology and Engineering facilities Map of the HRD Ministry Updation of relevant information Constitution of Committee 25/08/2020
Revised Order Reconstitution of Committee for “SAMARTH ERP” Project Implementation 22/08/2020
One day International Webinar on the theme of ‘Reimagining Work, Jobs and Careers in the Time of COVID 19’ 21/08/2020
Orders: Recommendations of the COVID-19 Monitoring Committee Implementation and Adherence 19/08/2020
Notice for Firewall Installation on Saturday 22nd August 2020 19/08/2020
Notification: Academic Calendar for the Year 2020-21 18/08/2020
Circular: Faculty performed duties during summer vacations 2018 (31.05.2018 to 08.07.2018) 18/08/2020
Orders: Reconstitution of Committee for "SAMARTH ERP" Project Implementation 17/08/2020
Circular: Commencement of Online Classes for Intermediate Semester for the Academic Year 2020-21 13/08/2020
Circular: Celebration of 74th Independence Day 12/08/2020
Orders: Sanction of Dress Allowance to the eligible Non-Teaching employee 09/08/2020
Orders: Prof. Siddiqui Mohd. Mahmood, Professor and Dean, School of Education and Training Appointment as Registrar Incharge 04/08/2020
Notification of the Vice-Chancellor I/c. MANUU 31/07/2020
Orders: COVID-19 Extended Lockdown in Containment Zones till 31st August, 2020 31/07/2020
Notice: Extension Notice for the work of Cleaning of water tanks at MANUU Campus Hyd 30/07/2020
Orders: Revision of flat rate of licence fee for General Pool Residential Accommodation (GPRA) throughout the country 10/07/2020
Office Order: Covid 19 Observance of MHRD Guidelines till 31st July, 2020 01/07/2020
Office Order: Covid 19-Extended Lockdown till 31st July, 2020 30/06/2020
Orders: COVID-19 Clarification for Faculty Members 26/06/2020
Orders: Constitution of "COVID 19" Monitoring Committee Revised 26/06/2020
Circular regrading upload the attendance of the Students and Research Scholars for the period from 01.03.2020 to 15.03.2020 (i.e) prior to lockdown in IUMS by 03.07.2020 23/06/2020
ICSSR Institutional Doctoral Fellowships for the Year 2020-21 20/06/2020
Circular: Submission of Annual Performance Appraisal Report of Non-Teaching Employees 18/06/2020
Notification: Appointment of Vice-Chancellor Incharge 17/06/2020
Orders: Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID 19 Protocol issued Implementation 11/06/2020
Notification: Academic Calendar for 2019-2020 and 2020 -2021 for Srinagar Campus (CTE Srinagar & ASCW, Budgam) Regular Mode 11/06/2020
Addendum: Sanction of Dress Allowance to the eligible Non-Teaching employees Seeking under taking and certificate from the Head concerned 09/06/2020
Orders: Constitution of MANUU Green Audit Committee 02/06/2020
Office Memorandum: COVID 19 Extended Lockdown till 30th June, 2020 01/06/2020
Orders: Clarified that the Summer Vacations are application to the Teaching staff posted at MANUU ITI's 01/06/2020
Orders: Continuance of the UGC Schemes beyond 31.03.2020 29/05/2020
Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ ji Hon’ble Minister Human Resource Development on NAAC web platform to all the HEIs of the country on the topic “Turn the Challenges to Opportunities: COVID-19 Pandemics and measures to combat in Higher Education of India” 27/05/2020
Notification: Summer Vacations-2020 for Teaching Staff 27/05/2020
Revised Online Meeting Notice 26/05/2020
Notice: Difficulties in reaching home by the students of few Satellite campuses of MANUU 23/05/2020
Revised circular Scheme for Trans-Disciplinary Research for India’s Developing Economy (STRIDE) 20/05/2020
Office Order: Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19- Attendance regarding 19/05/2020
Office Memorandum: COVID-19 Extended Lockdown till 31st May, 2020 18/05/2020
National Digital Library (NDLI) COVID-19 Acrdemic and Research Repository 13/05/2020
Notice: Information related to Student’s travel to their home states 11/05/2020
All faculty members, Research Scholars and students to join the session on Higher Education post COVID-19 era 10/05/2020
Office Memo: University's academic and non-academic activities during the lockdown period necessitated due to COVID-19 04/05/2020
Office Memorandum: University's academic and non-academic activities during the lockdown period necessitated due to COVID-19 03/05/2020
Orders: Appointment of Module Admin cum Coordinators for "SAMARTH ERP" Project Implementation 03/05/2020
Orders: Movement of Stranded students residing in the Boys and Girls Hostels 03/05/2020
Notification: Constitution of Committee to examine the UGC Guidelines dated 29.04.2020 for the conduct of Examinations and Academic Calander for 2020-21 30/04/2020
Orders: Constitution of Committee for "SAMARTH ERP" Project Implementation 28/04/2020
Notification: Constitution of TASK GROUPS of faculty members for UGC Quality Mandate: Suggestive Academic Activities 16/04/2020
Notification: COVID 19 Extension of Lockdown till 3rd May, 2020 15/04/2020
Notification: Implementation/follow of the revised Guidelines of Ministry of Home Affairs 15/04/2020
Advisory for protection of senior citizens aged above 60 years 14/04/2020
Orders: Dr. Mohammad Kamil, Director I/c Centre for Information Technology- Nominated for furnishing information in respect of Status of Online Education in the University during the lockdown period 13/04/2020
An Appeal for Inviting ideas/ suggestions for Bharat Padhe Online campaign 11/04/2020
Downloading the Aarogya Setu App 10/04/2020
Let COVID-19 not stop you from learning - ICT initiatives of MHRD and UGC 08/04/2020
Constitution of committee to monitor, evaluate and facilitate the mental health and well being of students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the University 07/04/2020
General Circular to follow the order / directive by Secretary, Department of Higher Education vide DO No. Secy/(HE))/ MHRD/202 dated April 3, 2020 and and Secretary UGC vide F.No.1-1/2020(Secy) dated April 3, 2020 regarding COVID-19 STAY SAFE 04/04/2020
Circular for Video Conference Online Meetings/ Class Teaching and Online Facility Provided to Faculty and Students for Online Academic Activities 02/04/2020
Guidelines To Conduct Online Meeting / Class Teaching With Zoom 02/04/2020
General Circular to follow the orders/ directives of Government of India, UGC and concerned State Governments, issued from time to time, for the containment of COVID-19 Epidemic in the country 30/03/2020
Contribution 0f One Day Salary in “PM's National Relief Fund" to Combat Covid-19 Pandemic 29/03/2020
All concerned are requested to follow the guidelines on the measures to be taken for containment of COVID-19 epidemic in the Country 24/03/2020
Orders: Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 23/03/2020
Order: Sanction of Advance for purchase of personal Computer 23/03/2020
Circular: Minutes of Meeting of the Principal Secretary to PM on Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov) 4th March 2020 23/03/2020
Orders: Sanction of Dress Allowance to the eligible Non-Teaching employees as per 7th CPC recommendation 23/03/2020
Notice: Extension of Last Date for Submission of Applications for Teaching and Non-Teaching posts 23/03/2020
Notice: Extension of Last Date for Submission of Applications for Teaching and Non-Teaching posts 22/03/2020
General Circular Regarding directives by the Central Government UGC and respective State Government 22/03/2020
Advisory on Social Distancing Measure in view of spread of COVID-19 Disease 20/03/2020
Circular: Submitting the certification of the bills/Expenditure as per rule and GFR 2017 16/03/2020
Orders: Suspension of Classes and Prevention Reduction of the transmission of COVID-19 16/03/2020
Orders: Allocation of Research Supervision to the eligible faculty members of DDE/Centres 13/03/2020
Circular: Reschedule of Academic Calendar for Even Semester 13/03/2020
Orders: Sanction of Advance for purchase of personal Computer 13/03/2020
Circular: Temporary Suspension of Biometric Attendance System until further orders 06/03/2020
Orders: UNFPA AEP Project Appointment of Faculty Facilitators for the Project 05/03/2020
Orders: Appointment of Core Project Team of MANUU 05/03/2020
Notification for Appointment of incharge Vice Chancellor - MANUU 02/03/2020
Signature on Annexures of MANF/JRF/RGNF-SWD/NFST/RGNF-SC/NFSOBC and DMFMS of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) 28/02/2020
Circular: Implementation of Official Language Policy 28/02/2020
Selection of Gender Champions 17/02/2020
UGC Guidelines for Gender Champions 17/02/2020
Circular for computer advance along with application form 12/02/2020
Circular: Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in HEIs 11/02/2020
Three-Week Leadership for Academicians Programme (LEAP)Conducted by Jamia Millia lslamia, New Delhi 08/02/2020
Orders: Prof. Mohd. Naseemuddin, Professor and Head, Department of Urdu- Extension in term of appointment as Dean, SLL&l 07/02/2020
Orders: Ehtesham Ahmad Khan, Profesor and Head, Department of MCJ - Extension in term of appintment as Dean, School of Mass Communication and Journalism 07/02/2020
Circular: Schedule of workshop-I and Academic Counselling sessions of B.Ed. (Distance Mode) 07/02/2020
Orders: Declaration of Immovable Property Retrun by the Teaching, Academic and Non-Teaching Staff of MANUU 31/01/2020
Circular: Admission to Certificate Course in Urdu 2020 28/01/2020
Circular: Deduction of TDS from Honorarium and Sitting Fee 27/01/2020
Circular: Prohibition of use of Electronic Cigarettes in Higher Educational Institutions 24/01/2020
Notification: Student Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire on IUMS Portal 23/01/2020
Orders:Nomination of Group-A Officers to attend the Short-Term Course on Organizational Behaviour & Interpersonal Relations at UGC-HRDC 22/01/2020
Circular: Special Casual Leave on 22nd January, 2020 on Account of Muncipal (Local) Elections 21/01/2020
Circular: Celebration of 71st Republic Day at MANUU Hyderabad 21/01/2020
Circular: Request to offer proposals for writing knowledge books in Urdu 21/01/2020
Orders: Transfers of certain Non-Teaching Employees 14/01/2020
Orders: ReConstitution of Internal Cultrual Coordination Committee and Nomination of University Cultural Coordinator 14/01/2020
Revision of Rate of Licence Fee for MANUU Residential Accommodation and Recovery of Arrears from 01.07.2017-Reg. 13/01/2020
Revision of Rate of Licence Fee for MANUU Residential Accommodation and Recovery of Arrears from 01.07.2017 08/01/2020
The University is celebrating 22nd Foundation Day on 9th January 2020 at 10:30 a.m. at Saiyid Hamid Library Auditorium 07/01/2020
Constitution of a High Level Committee to pre-revise/relook the Hostel Fee Structure for the next Academic Year 2020-21 07/01/2020
Constitution of Committee for MANUU Students Relief Fund 07/01/2020
CAS Notification to re-consider the promotions under UGC Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) from the date of completion of Assessment Period 06/01/2020
Constitution of Committee to frame the parameters and design a new Annual Performance Assessment Report for promotion of faculty members under CAS 06/01/2020
Notice for Last date for Submission of CAS applocations is extended up to 14.01.2020 31/12/2019
Constitution of Committees for NAAC Accreditation of MANUU-2020 31/12/2019
IQAC Notice: Updating Faculty Achevements information in IUMS 2.0 24/12/2019
Sale of University Wall Calendar 2020 23/12/2019
Nomination for 2nd Batch of Hindi Parangat Course under Hindi Teaching Scheme at MANUU 13/12/2019
Upgradation of Pay Matrix Level (Grade Pay) of Library Assistants 12/12/2019
Circular: Delay in release of Fellowship to the Ph.D Research Scholars (Non-NET Fellowship Holders) of MANUU from the month of December 2019 12/12/2019
Selected candidates on various non-teaching positions 06/12/2019
Reminder: Updating of students attendance on iUMS Portal for issue of Hall Tickets 05/12/2019
UGC- National Action Plan by Government of India 02/12/2019
CAS Notification (December - 2019) 28/11/2019
Basic Course in Smartphone Film Making 10 Days at IMC MANUU 06th to 16th Jan, 2020 28/11/2019
Prize Distribution Ceremony of Seerat Quiz Competition 2019 28/11/2019
Circular: Railway Concession Form For Visiting Home Town During Winter Vacations 2019 27/11/2019
Orders: Change of place of posting of Mr.Mirza Vilayath Ali Baig, Assistant Professor- Civil Engg. shall be from Polytechnic, Hyderabad to Polytechnic, Kadapa. 26/11/2019
Seerat Quiz Sitting Arrangements 22/11/2019
Transfer and posting of Mr. Mirza Vilayath Ali Baig, Asst. Prof. - Civil Engg 22/11/2019
Repatriation of Prof.Shane Kazim Naqvi to his parent organization JMI, New Delhi 22/11/2019
Order for Director Incharge of Centre for Information Technology (CIT) 22/11/2019
Orders: Prof. M. Vanaja, Professor, Department of Education and Training Appointment as Chief Vigilance officer CVO 21/11/2019
Orders: UNFPA MANUU Project Appointment of Project Director 21/11/2019
Swarup Eye Centre will be organizing a free Eye Check-up on 21-11-2019 at the University Health Centre 20/11/2019
Upgradation/ Placement of Documentation officer from Academic Level 10 to Academic Level 11 Under UGC CAS 20/11/2019
Release of Monthly November, 2019 Salary to MANUU employees and pensioners 18/11/2019
Re-Constitution of Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) Committee of DDE 17/11/2019
Circular Regarding LTC 15/11/2019
Orders: Upgradation/Placement of Assistant Professors from Stage -1 to Stage-2 under UGC Career Advancement Scheme 13/11/2019
Orders: Upgradation/Placement of Assistant Professors from Stage -2 to Stage-3 under UGC Career Advancement Scheme 13/11/2019
Notification: Prof. S.M. Rahmatullah, Registrar I/c, MANUU as First Appellate Authority (FAA) 13/11/2019
Circular: Adoption of Khadi/Handloom fabric in University Ceremonial Functions 13/11/2019
Marching Ahed: MANUU'S Activities & Achievements 20th October 2015 to 20th October 2019 11/11/2019
Circular: Selection trials for MANUU students Volleyball MEN team will be held on 14th November 11/11/2019
Orders: Appointment of Prof. Md. Shahid Raza, Professor, Dept. of Social Work as Head, Department of Social Work 07/11/2019
Orders: Appointment of Prof. Ehtesham Ahmad Khan, Dean, School of Mass Communucation and Journalism as Head, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism 07/11/2019
Orders: Appointment of Prof. Ayub Khan, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean I/c. School of Sciences as Head, Department of Mathematics 07/11/2019
Selected Team List for All India Inter University Best Physique & Weight Lifting Championship 2019-20 01/11/2019
Election of MANUUTA 2019-20 and the Oath taking Ceremony to be held on 04 Nov, 2019 01/11/2019
Schedule and Invitation Cards of Inaugural and Memorial Lecture of Azad Day Celebrations 2019 31/10/2019
Dr. Mohammed Abdul Sami Siddiqui, is appointed as Professor, Centre for Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teachers 31/10/2019
Circular: Selection trials for MANUU students Cricket team Men will be held on 2nd November 29/10/2019
Circular: Group Medi Claim cum personal accident Insurance policy to the MANUU regular on-Roll Stdents at Hyderabad 29/10/2019
Circular: Weight Lifting & Best Physique Selection trails for Men Students will be held on 31-10-2019 at 5:00PM 28/10/2019
Office Order: Payment of Dearness Allowance at the revised rate w.e.f. 01.07.2019 24/10/2019
Financial Upgradation under MACPs to Non-Teaching Employees 24/10/2019
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine (HJUM) has been included in UGC-Care List 22/10/2019
Restriction of MANUU Staff from appearing University Exams under Distance mode at other than MANUU Campus, Hyd 22/10/2019
Notification for Appointment of Prof.S.M. Rahmatullah, Professor, Dept. of Public Administration as Registrar Incharge 18/10/2019
Office Order: Consitution of Core Comittee and various Committes to Organize the Maulana Azad Day Celebrations 2019 17/10/2019
Workshop for faculty members of MANUU on "Using Faculty Achievement Proforma in iUMS" to be held on Oct. 21, 2019 at DDE, Auditorium 16/10/2019
Orders: Re-Constitution of Committee to examine applications for Award of ITG for presentation of papers/ attending Workshop/Seminars/Conferences in abroad 11/10/2019
Inter-School Tournaments Schedule - 2019-2020 10/10/2019
Circular: Deduction of Income Tax at Source for the financial year 2019-20 (Assessment year 2020-21) 03/10/2019
Orders: Constitution of Committee for Institutional Students Grievance Committee (ISGRC) 03/10/2019
Orders: Constitution of Committee for Departmental Students Grievance Redressal Committees (DSGRC) for Schools of Studies 03/10/2019
Orders: Constitution of Committee for Collegiate Student Grievance Redressal Committee (CSGRC) for Satellite Campus Lucknow 03/10/2019
Orders: Dr. Shahid Pervez, Regional Director, Regional Centre Delhi Superannuation from the services of MANUU 27/09/2019
Notification: Academic Re-Constitution of Standing Committee of Academic Council 27/09/2019
Orders: Mrs. Afshan Rahman, Assistant Registrar, Regional Centre Assignment of additional charge of Regional Centre Delhi 27/09/2019
Orders: Dr. Masthan Vali Sharief, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering as In-charge of Engineering Section 27/09/2019
Orders: Appointment of Dr. Sadaquat Ali Khan, Associate Professor, MANUU-CTE, Bidar as Member of Executive Council 26/09/2019
Orders: Transfer of Dr. Deepak Chuhan, Assistant Registrar, Regional Centre, Delhi to CTE, Nuh 26/09/2019
Circular regarding Inter School Tournament for the year of 2019-20 23/09/2019
Notice: Investiture Ceremony of MANUU Students Union Election 2019-20 23/09/2019
Order: Sanction of Dress Allowance to the eligible Non-Teaching employees as per 7th CPC recommendation 23/09/2019
Students Union Elections: Results of Office Bearers and EC Members at Headquarter and Off-Campuses 2019-20 19/09/2019
Circular: Holiday declared on 20th September 2019 on account of MANUU Student's Union Elections held on 19th September 2019 19/09/2019
Circular: Safety and Security Measures taken by the University for Data Protection of Biometric data collected from employess for BAS 18/09/2019
Notice: Permission to cast vote using Previous Semester ID card and fee slip of current semester in MSU Elections 2019-20 18/09/2019
Circular: Students Union Elections 2019-20 Suspension of Classes at Headquarter 18/09/2019
Circular: Issue of Bonafide certificate to the students for casting vote in MSU Elections 2019-20 17/09/2019
Orders: Furnishing of details of research and academic achievements by faculty members 17/09/2019
Orders: Submission of Bills for payment rounding off of transactions 17/09/2019
Notice regarding voters, MSU Elections-2019-20 16/09/2019
Circular: Training & Placement Cell Conduct of Placement Drive for the students/learners of ODL programmes at DDE Building 13/09/2019
Office Order: Appointment of Counting Officers 12/09/2019
Office Order: Appointment of Polling Officers 12/09/2019

Notification of eligible and non-eligible candidates for MSU Elections 2019-20

Circular: Speacial Casual Leave on Sep 12, 2019 in lieu of Ganesh Viserjan in Hyderabad 11/09/2019
FDP on Training of Trainers for Teachers (11th November To 15th November 2019) 11/09/2019
Notice regarding Hindi Pakhawara Programs & Competitions 09/09/2019
Notification: Constitution of Committee for Grievance Redressal Cell for MSU Elections 2019-20 06/09/2019
Orders: Additional faculty members appointed as a Returning Officers for the MSU Elections 2019-20 06/09/2019
Circular: Call for Applications for award of Non-NET Fellowship to Ph.D. Scholars admitted in the Academic Year 2019-20 06/09/2019
FDP/ In House Training on “Sensor Networks, Internet of things and Internet of Everything” for Faculty/UG/PG/Ph.D Students 06/09/2019
Orders: Promotion from LDC to UDC 06/09/2019
Selection trials for Men Student Cross Country Team 12.5 K.M. will be held on 07 September 2019 05/09/2019
Notice Regarding Hindi Administrative Phrases Competition. 05/09/2019
Notice regarding Hindi Calligraphy Competition. 05/09/2019
Office Order: Transfer of certain Teaching Staff 04/09/2019
Teachers Day Invitation 03/09/2019
Office Order: Constitution of Committe for Conduct of MANUU Students' Elections 2019-20 29/08/2019
Office Order: Appointment of Returning Officers for MANUU Students' Elections 2019-20 29/08/2019
Notification: MANUU Students Union Election 2019-20 29/08/2019
Notice on NCC parade on Saturday 31st Aug. 2019 at Secunderabad 29/08/2019
Circular regarding Seeking the information for uploading/updating on the University website 29/08/2019
Orders: Submission of attendance for Contractual Teaching/Non-Teaching and daily wage employees-Reg. 28/08/2019
Office Order: Enforcement of Biometric attendance system for Teaching 23/08/2019
Orders: Mr. Rizwan Ahmad, Director. IMC Nominated as Coordinator/Nodal Officer for Social Media Champion of MANUU 21/08/2019
Registration of Bona fide students desirous of participating in any sports 21/08/2019
Letter regarding implementation of BAS for Teaching and Academic Staff of MANUU 20/08/2019
Circular: Meeting of Heads/Incharges to disuss procedural issues related to biometric attendance of non-teaching employees on Wednesday 21.8.2019 at 11.30 AM 20/08/2019
Order: Appointment of Prof. Noushad Hussain, Dean, School of Education & Training as Head, Department of Education & Training 16/08/2019
Notice regarding Submission and Processing of Aplications through National Scholarship Portal 16/08/2019
Circular regarding release of Contingency for Non-NET Fellowship Awardees of 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 Batches.
    Claim Form
Appointment of Mr. Mirza Farhatulla Baig as Controller of Examinations 16/08/2019
Enrollment Notice for Senior Division (Boys & Girls) at MANUU on 17th August (Saturday) at 0800 hours 16/08/2019
Opportunity for students to become face of internshala:Last date of registration is 15th August 2019 14/08/2019
Letter from ASSOCHAM, India regarding announcing 2nd edition of Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination 14/08/2019
Order: Appointment of Prof. S.M.Rahmatullah, Professor, Dept. of Public Administration as Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences 14/08/2019
Notice regarding individual and group counseling schedule 09/08/2019
Circular regarding outstanding Payment Settlement on GeM Portal 09/08/2019
Celebration of Independence Day 2019 09/08/2019
Orders: Promotion of Non-Teaching Staff from PA to PS and Stenographer to PA 08/08/2019
Banning of Entry of Mr. Mohammad Aslam, Ex Driver, MANUU in the MANUU Campus 06/08/2019
Orders: Prof. Sajid Jamal, Controller of Examinations (on Deputation)- Repatriation to his parent organization Aligarh Muslim University, Nomination of Incharge Relieving Orders 05/08/2019
Circular regarding release of monthly salary to MANUU employees and pensioners 05/08/2019
Training & Placement Cell Course in “Communication Skills in English” & Oral Communication & Fluency for the UG and PG students of MANUU 01/08/2019
Six Day Student Induction Programme-2019 31/07/2019
Regional Coordinator for UNFPA Funded Project required 26/07/2019
Circular Regarding Implementation of Official Language Policy 23/07/2019
Notice: Inviting Online Application from Eligible Candidates for the Best Teacher Educator Award 2019 17/07/2019
Draft National Education Policy 2019 Organizing Series of discussions on draft NEP 2019 15/07/2019
Notification: Students' Feedback on Faculty's iUMS Portal 12/07/2019
Office Order: Introduction of Biometric Attendance System for Teaching and Academic Staff of MANUU at Hyderabad and Other Campuses/Institutions 06/07/2019
Office Order: Biometric System for Non-Teaching (Regular and Contractual) Employees of MANUU at Hyderabad and Other Campuses of MANUU 04/07/2019
Transfer Orders of Certain Non-Teaching Employees 03/07/2019
Notification Regarding Academic Council for the inclusion of the Directors & Professors of the Centres as Members in the respective School Board 02/07/2019
Orders: Prof. Saneem Fatima, Joint Dean Academic is Appointed as a Coordinator for providing the Supernumerary seats to J&K 02/07/2019
Orders: Mr. Rizwan Ahmad, Director IMC Nominated as Coordinator/Nodal Officer for Publicity Activities of MANUU 02/07/2019
Notification: Conduct of Qualifying Test for Promotion to the post of Private Secretary 29/06/2019
Orders: HRA to Teaching & Non-Teaching staff 29/06/2019
Orders: Academics Nomination of Nodal Officer for National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) India Ranking 2020 28/06/2019
Notification: Revised Composition of the Advisory Committee of the Centres 27/06/2019
Notification Regarding Adoption of AICTE Regulations for Polytechnic Teachers under 7th CPC 26/06/2019
Notification Regarding Adoption of AICTE Qualifications for Technical Programmes 26/06/2019
Circular: Term Completion Notice of MANUU Students Union 2018-19 24/06/2019
list of UGC 43 Post Graduate Non-Technology MOOCs courses to be offered in July Semester 2019 24/06/2019
Orders: Academics Constitution of Committee for the preparation of the XXI Annual Report 2018-19 24/06/2019
Appointment of Prof.Shagufta Shaheen, Professor, Dept. of English as Presiding Officer(Chairperson)Internal Complaints Committee 20/06/2019
Constitution of the Committee for organizing International Yoga day 20/06/2019
Public Notice on Academic Integrity-UGC 20/06/2019
Celebration of international day of yoga on 21st June 2019 19/06/2019
Notification Regarding merging of Department Management & Commerce 29/05/2019
Notification Regarding Holding of Department of Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology in abeyance 29/05/2019
Notice Regarding Training Program on File Tracking System Module Venue CIT LAB Room 112 27/05/2019
Orders: Regarding Prior approval of the competent authority for availing vacations 21/05/2019
Notification: Constitution of an Advisory Board of DDE, MANUU 21/05/2019
Orders: Appointments of Deputy Dean and Assistant Deans, Students Welfare 21/05/2019
Orders: Revision of Wages of Contractual and Daily Rated Non-Teaching Employees w.e.f 01.05.2019 20/05/2019
Orders: Revision of monthly Wages to Contractual Cooks 20/05/2019
Orders: Nominated as Nodal Teacher for Gender Champions 20/05/2019
Orders: Prof.Shugufta Shaheen Professor Department of English Extension in term of appointment as Dean International Students 17/05/2019
Circular: Allotment of staff Quarter Applications invited 16/05/2019
Orders: Constitution of Committe for binding of Library books and journals 15/05/2019
Orders: Nomination of Dr.Atri Bhowmik, Finance Officer, Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology, West Bengal as Member of Finance Committee 15/05/2019
Orders: Appointment of Dr.Karan Singh Utwal, as Head, Dept. of Hindi 15/05/2019
Orders: Appointment of Prof.Khalid Mubashir Uz Zafar as Head, Department of Translation 15/05/2019
Orders: Appointment of Prof. P. F. Rahman, Professor, Sciences (Zoology) as Dean, School of Sciences 15/05/2019
Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance as per 7th CPC to Non-Teaching Staff 14/05/2019
Orders: Revision of Allowances of Non-Teaching employees as per recommendations of 7th CPC 14/05/2019
Notification: Summer Vacation for teaching staff 11/05/2019
Submission of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports Non-Teaching Employees 2018-19 09/05/2019
Notification: Academics - Amendment in the existing Ph.D. Regulations, 2017 regarding allocation of Research Supervisor 08/05/2019
Notification: Re-constitution of Departmental Research Committee underMANUU Ph.D. Regulations 08/05/2019
Revised Circular: Office Timing during the Holy month of Ramdhan 07/05/2019
Orders: Declaration of Immovable Property Return 07/05/2019
Orders: Minor Construction Work Immovable Property Group A & B Employees 07/05/2019
Orders: Promotion from Section Officer to Assistant Registrar 02/05/2019
Office Order: Regulation Travelling Allowance Reimbursement of Taxi fare while on Tour 30/04/2019
Notification: Payment of Dearness Relief to pensioners/family pensioners at the revised rates 29/04/2019
Notice: Extension of last date for Submission of Application Form for Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) 29/04/2019
Orders: Constitution of an Interim Institutional Management Committee for MANUU ITI-Darbhanga 29/04/2019
Circular: Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance as par 7th CPC 26/04/2019
MANUU Admission Campaign Regular Courses Academic Year 2019-20 25/04/2019
Circular: Physical Verification of Asset Orientation program on endorsing serial number on each iteam by the respective Department/Sections 24/04/2019
Orders: Promotion of a Non-Teaching staff from Assistant to Section Officer 24/04/2019
Orders: Transfer of Certain Model School Teachers 24/04/2019
Notice: UGC-NET Coaching for MANUU Students 22/04/2019
Notice: Result of Limited Departmental Promotion Test conducted for promotion to Asst. Registrar, LDC & Library Assistant 12/04/2019
Orders: Payment of Dearness Allowance at the revised rates w.e.f.01.01.2019 12/04/2019
Notice: Workshop on Examination Reforms shall be held on Tuesday 16th April 2019 08/04/2019
Orders: Appointment of Coordinators for UGC's Equal Opportunity Cell (Coaching Schemes for SC/ST/OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) & Minorities students 08/04/2019
Information Session: Fulbright-Nehru & other Fulbright Fellowship Opportunities in the U.S. MANUU Department of English Tuesday, April 9th 3:00 p.m. 08/04/2019
Notification: Re-Schedule of Summer Vacations for ASCW, Budgam & CTE Srinagar 04/04/2019
Circular: Declaration of Holiday on Polling day on Account of General Elections 2019 03/04/2019
Constitution of Committee for Framing of Service Condition for Teaching Staff 02/04/2019
Election Duty for Teachers & Other Academic Staff for General Elections, HOP-2019 29/03/2019
Election Duty for Non-Teaching Staff for General Elections, HOP-2019 29/03/2019
Orders: Constitution of Committee for Medical Reimbursement Scheme/ Regulations 29/03/2019
Orders: Appointment of Prof.Mohd. Shahid as Head, Dept. of Social Work 29/03/2019
Orders: Constitution of Admission Committee for DDE MANUU for the Academic Session 2019-20 (July) 27/03/2019
Orders: Continuance of the UGC Schemes beyond 31.3.2019 27/03/2019
Notification: Appointment of PVC, MANUU 27/03/2019
Provisional Seniority lists of Teaching Staff as on 19.03.2019 26/03/2019
  1. Notice: Election Duty for Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff for General Elections, HOP-2019
  2. List of appointed Micro Observers/Other Polling Officer (Teaching Staff)
  3. List of appointed Presiding Officers/Assistant Presiding Officers (Teaching Staff)
  4. List of appointed Presiding Officers/Assistant Presiding Officers (Non-Teaching Staff)
  5. Formats for Letters of Intimation to RO & Application for Election Duty Certificate
Notice: Extension for supply of water through tankers in MANUU Campus 22/03/2019
List of Eligible/Not Eligible Candidates for Limited Departmental Promotion Test to the post of AR/LDC/Library Assistant 21/03/2019
Opening of Offices on Saturday 23.03.2019 20/03/2019
Order: Allowances of Teaching staff and Officers 18/03/2019
Order: Appointment of Anti-Discrimination Officer 18/03/2019
Notification for Promotion & Placement under Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) 2019 15/03/2019
Two Day National Seminar of Islamic Studies on 24th & 25 April 2019 11/03/2019
Transfer Orders of few Non-Teaching Employees in the University 11/03/2019
Circular: Medium of Instruction and Examinations 12/03/2019
Order: Revision of wages of Contractual Staff 12/03/2019
Order: Mr. Mohammad Kamil posted as Addl. Controller of Examinations 11/03/2019
Two Days Symposium cum Seminar on "Sociology of Knowledge: A Perspective from Ibn Khaldun” on 14th and 15th March 2019 01/03/2019
Order: Appointment of Prof Badiuddin Ahmad as Head, Department of Management Studies 01/03/2019
Orders: Academic Appointment of Course Coordinator to record Audio/ Visual Programme of Distance Education 01/03/2019
Registration of Paramedical Students of MANUU from Telangana State Paramedical Board, Hyderabad 01/03/2019
Circular Regarding Duty Leave 28/02/2019
Notice: Statutory Selection Committee Recommendations for Faculty Members under CAS 25/02/2019
Promotion Orders of Non-Teaching Employees as Section Officer, UDC, PA & Semi Professional Assistant 25/02/2019
Appointment of Prof. Ehtesham Ahmed Khan as Dean, School of Mass Communication and Journalism 22/02/2019
Appointment of Prof. P. H. Mohammad as Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences 22/02/2019
Notification on Revision in the Rates of Remunerations to Academic Counselors, Coordinators, Support Staff of learner support centres of DDE for PG/UG/B.Ed. Programme 19/02/2019
Constitution of various Committees to Organize the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi in MANUU 18/02/2019
Meeting of the Fact Finding Committe (FFC) constituted by the UGC on 18th Feb, 2019 at MANUU 18/02/2019
Notification regarding Re-Constitution of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) - Reg. 11/02/2019
Order regarding Assignment of Additional Charge to Dr.Shaik Mastan Vali Sharief, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering as Joint Director (Admissions) 11/02/2019
Order regarding Extension of term of appointment as Dean, Students Welfare - Reg. 11/02/2019
Circular regarding participation of teachers from CTEs/Satellite Campuses in meetings of RAC/Board of Studies/School Boards etc. 07/02/2019
Last date for Registration of Film Appreciation Course at IMC in association with FTII, Pune Extended 07/02/2019
Circular: Revised fee payment for all 6th semester students (2016-19) 31/01/2019
Circular: Peep Hole on the doors of chambers/office rooms of teachers and staff 31/01/2019
Circular: Admission to Certificate Course in Urdu 26/01/2019
Order: Nomination of Non-Teaching staff in PDP on Enhancement of Skills in HRDC MANUU 26/01/2019
Circular: regarding extension of last date of fee submission 26/01/2019
Invitation for Felicitation Ceremony for winners of competition 25/01/2019
Invitation for Felicitation Ceremony for winners of competition 25/01/2019
Circular: Observance of "Martyrs Day" on 30th January 2019 25/01/2019
Observance of silence on 30th January in the memory of those who gave their lives in the struggle for India's freedom 24/01/2019
Circular: Celebration of 70th Republic Day at MANUU Hyderabad 23/01/2019
Circular: Orientation Programme for Online Registration & Submission of Claim Form for all the Non-NET Fellowship Awardees of 2015-16 & 2016-17 Batches 22/01/2019
Orders: UNFPA Project Appointment of Project Team of MANUU 22/01/2019
Orders: Charge allowance to teachers for holding additional charge in addition to their primary duties 22/01/2019
Circlar: Official Languages ACT, 1963, both Hindi & English shall be used for all offical work 22/01/2019
Conduct of Skill Test for Short-Term Contractual Data Entry Operators and Caretakers 19/01/2019
Film Appreciation Course at IMC in association with FTII, Pune 21/01/2019
Order regaring Recontitution of Campus Management Committee for Darbhanga Campus 17/01/2019
Revised Fee Payment Circular with date extension 16/01/2019
Circular regarding drawal of Advances and Settlement thereof 16/01/2019
Conference on Formation & Evolution of Star Clusters 21-24 Jan 2019 16/01/2019
Notification regarding Payment of Even Semester Fee 11/01/2019
Constitution of Students Union Advisory Body for the Academic Year 2018-19 11/01/2019
Constitution of Students Union Advisory Body for the Academic Year 2018-19 11/01/2019
Appointment of Dr. Parveen Jahan as Greviance Redressal Officer under Section 23(1) of RPwD Act 2016 11/01/2019
Constitution of Committee to frame the parameters and deign new Annual Performance Assessment Report for Promotion of Faculty Members 04/01/2019
Registration Form: One Week Workshop on Research Methodology and Data Processing in Social Sciences 04/01/2019
Constitution of Anti Ragging Squad 01/01/2019
Notification for Regular Students for Admission to Even Semester 2018-19 01/01/2019
Notification for Detained Students Students of earlier batches for Admission to Even Semester 2018-19 01/01/2019
Notice for fee Payment of Even Semester 2018-19 01/01/2019
Notification for Re-organization of Centes 31/12/2018
Appointment of Incharge Principal, CTE Srinagar 19/12/2018
One week Workshop on 'Research Methodology and Data Processing in Social Sciences' scheduled to be held from 28.01.2019 to 02.02.2019 19/12/2018
Certain transfer orders of non teaching staff 17/12/2018
MANUU Officers Association Election 2018-20 13/12/2018
Holiday declared on 7th December,2018 polling day, on account of General Elections to the Legislative Assembly of Telangana 04/12/2018
promotion orders of Assistant and UDCs 28/11/2018
circular for submitting attendance statement of students 28/11/2018
Office Order: Appointment of Mr. M. G. Gunasekaran as Finance Officer, MANUU 22/11/2018
Office Order: Appointmet of DR. M. Vanaja as Director of Admissions, MANUU 22/11/2018
Circular regarding Use of Official Language Hindi or both Hindi and English in Order, Notings, Circulars, Notices, Tender Notification etc.   15/11/2018
MEWA Elections Notification 2018  
MEWA Elections Nomination Form 2018
Extension of last date of Fee Payment for Follow-on courses for DDE students 14/11/2018
Reconstitution of official language implementation committee-orders 12/11/2018
Circular regarding suspension of classes in view of Azad Day Celeberations. 05/11/2018
Appointment of Prof. Abul Kalam, Department of Urdu as Proctor 01/11/2018
Appointment of Proctorial Team of Joint Proctor, Deputy Proctor and Assitant Proctors 01/11/2018
Circular regarding Railway Concession for visting home town during winter vacations 01/11/2018
Lecture on the Ocassion of Vigilance Awareness Week to be delivered on 01-11-18 at 11:00 a.m. 01/11/2018
Order regarding Revision of Pay of Contractual Staff 31/10/2018
Order regarding Constitution of Committee for organzing Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) in University on Oct 31, 2018 31/10/2018
Order regarding Constitution of Committee for organzing Vigilance Awareness week during Oct 29 - Nov 03, 2018 31/10/2018
Constitution of core committee for organizing maulana Azad Day Celebrations 30/10/2018
Azad Day Celebrations 2018 30/10/2018
Payment of Dearness Relief the pensioners/family pensioners at the enhanced rates 30/10/2018
MANUU-Seventh Convocation-Constitution of Organizing Committee 29/10/2018
Dr.Malik Raihan Ahmad, Assistant Professor of Sociology,DDE-Relieving from additional responsibility of In-Charge Sub-Regional Centre- Hyderabad 29/10/2018
Appointment of Prof. Syed Najamul Hasan, Dean, School of Sciences as Incharge Head, Dept. of Chemistry 26/10/2018
Circular for submission of electricity bills to EE, MANUU 22/10/2018
Extension of term of appointment of Ms.Shabana Farheen, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science as Residential Warden.-Orders-Issued 16/10/2018
Circular for delinking the process of payment of air-ticket from TA-Claims. 16/10/2018
Dr.Shaik Shaheen Altaf, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education & Training - Appointment as Provost(Girls Hostel)- Orders-Issued 15/10/2018
Dr.Parveen Qamar,Assistant Professor, Dept.of Women Education-Appointment as Warden,Old Girls Hostel-Orders-Issued 15/10/2018
Transfer of certain non-teaching staff on administrative ground 12/10/2018
Enhancement of ceiling of contingent expenditure-order 12/10/2018
Wheebox Employability Skill Test Registration and Examination 2018.Last date of appearing for the test is 20th October 2018 for UG and PG Students 11/10/2018
Appointment of Prof.Shahida, Professor, Dept.of Women Education as Head, Department of Women Education 10/10/2018
Appointment of Prof.N.I. Mulla,Professor, as Head, Department of Commerce 10/10/2018
Updated List of Empanelled Hospitals (valid upto 31.12.2018- subject to MOA- t&c) 09/10/2018
Selection trails for MANUU students(Men) Cricket team will be held on 13th October at Sports ground MANUU 09/10/2018
Settlement of Advances 05/10/2018
circular issued for submitting attendance statement of all teachers to Directorate of Admissions by 05th of every month. 05/10/2018
Notification of Constitution of Board of Management for Directorate of Translation and Publication 04/10/2018
Skill Test on 8.10.2018 at Delhi RC for contractual DEOs working in Delhi, Bhopal, Asansol, Darbhanga, Nuh & Sambal 04/10/2018
Appointment of Dr M. Vanaja as Finance Officer I/c 01/10/2018
Use of Official Language Hindi or both Hindi and English in Order, Notings, Circulars, Notices, Tender Notification etc. 28/09/2018
Notice for 32nd meeting of Academic Council 28/09/2018
Payment of DA at the revised rates w.e.f. 01.07.2018 26/09/2018
Circular-Group Medical Insurance for Students 24/09/2018
2ndNational Urdu Social Science Congress 24/09/2018
Conduct of Skill Test for Contractual DEOsCaretakers on 29.9.2018 24/09/2018
Appointment of Dr.Akhtar Parvez as University Librarian, Sayid Hamid Central Library- Assuming of Charge 24/09/2018
UNESCO Awards/Prizes/Fellowships to recognize and appreciate the activities of individuals and organizations, which are working to promote the ideals and objectives of UNESCO 20/09/2018
Income Tax circular and assessment form for the financial year 2018-19 19/09/2018
Course in Communication skills in English by Ms. Robin Cathey for UG and PG students of MANUU 18/09/2018
7thconvocation notification 12/09/2018
Donation of one day's salary to C.M Distress Relief Fund, Govt. of Kerala 12/09/2018
Clarification regarding Methodology for calculating API score during leave period of teacher 12/09/2018
MANUU-Administration - Constitution of the Committee for organizing SWACHHTA PAKHWARA(Cleanliness Drive) 10/09/2018
Appointment of Prof. P.F. Rahaman as Director I/c, DDE -Notification 10/09/2018
Holiday declared on 7th September, 2018 on account of MANUU Student's Union Elections held on 6th September, 2018 06/09/2018
"Scholarship for girls 2018-19" offered by Maulana Azad Education Foundation, New Delhi 03/09/2018
Physical Verification-Data feeding by the respective Department/Sections and inspection 03/09/2018
Teachers' Day Celebration 2018 - Invitation 03/09/2018
Financial up-gradation to 34 Non-Teaching Employees under MACPS 03/09/2018
Circular- Provisionally selected students for Training Camp of 15 days duration from 4th September, 2018 31/08/2018
MANUU-Administration- Employees affected according to Traffic Advisory- Permission to leave Office after 1:30 p.m. today i..e 30.08.2018 30/08/2018
Extension of time to apply National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST students 30/08/2018
Circular for inauguration and laying of foundation stone on 31-08-2018 29/08/2018
Constitution of First Court of MANUU 28/08/2018
Orders - Upgradation/Placement of Assistant Professors under UGC-CAS 28/08/2018
Circular - Contribution of One day salary for kerala flood victims 27/08/2018
Contribution of one day salary for kerala flood victims-deduction 27/08/2018
Notification regarding approval of MANUU's Executive Council for applicability of Govt. of India/UGC rules for various administrative, financial, establishment and service matters till framing of relevant Statutes, Ordinances, and Regulations of the University 24/08/2018
 Last date for submission of applications for employment is extended upto 04.09.2018 for the candidates of flood affected State of Kerala 21/08/2018
 Foundation stone laying ceremony of School of Computer Science & Information Technology at MANUU Campus 21/08/2018
 Circular- Selection Trails for All India Cross Country Race Championship 20/08/2018
 MANUU Campus and Off-campuses shall remain closed afternoon of today i.e. 17th August, 2018 due to sad demise of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister of India 17/08/2018
 Constitution of Committee for MANUU Students Union Elections 2018-19 16/08/2018
 Celebration of 72nd Indian Independence day 09/08/2018
 Conduct of Aadhar Card Mela in MANUU Campus. 26/07/2018
 Submission of details of Imprest. 25/07/2018
 MANUU - Administration- Change of Nomenclature of UGC-HRDC. 23/07/2018
 MANUU ITI Hyderabad, 2nd phase of admissions. 20/07/2018
 Introduction of of new Ph. D. programmes in the Depts. of Physics, Chemistry and Botany. 20/07/2018
 ADDENDUM:One time Permission for Re-registration to appear in the Examination for the Academic Year 2017-2018 20/07/2018
 Vehicles Passes are mandatory for all vechicles of Staff and Students 20/07/2018
 Implementation of 7th CPC to teachers of MANUU Polytechnics 19/07/2018
 Physical Verification- Data Feeding and certification by the respective Departments or Sections 17/07/2018
 International Conference organised by the Department tentatively schedule in the month of November/December 2018. 16/07/2018
 23 MANUU students find jobs in Campus Placement 16/07/2018
 Revision of Wages of Short-term Contractual and Daily Rated Employees engaged by the University 16/07/2018
 Co-ordinator for B.A program 16/07/2018
  Transfer of certian Assistant Professors on Administrative Grounds 12/07/2018
  Notice regarding hostel admissions for newly admitted students 2018-19 (Revised on 13-07-2018) 12/07/2018
  Notice regarding hostel Re-admissions for the session 2018-19 12/07/2018
 MANUU-DDE-Online Fee Payments 12/07/2018
 Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination-IPTSE(A Competitive Examination)cum Awards Information 11/07/2018
 Press Release:MANUU extends last date for Srinagar College 09/07/2018
 Release of 30% arrears 7CPC 09/07/2018
 Celebration of International Day of Yoga 20/6/2018
 Rates of Honorarium / Remuneration for conduct of Entrance Test for Regular & Distance Mode 12/6/2018
 Mr. Abrar Ahmad, A.R.- Nomination as Nodal Officer for University Activity Monitoring Portal(UAMP) 11/6/2018
 Declaration of Holiday on 15.06.18 on account of Jumat-ul-vida 07/6/2018
 Appointment of Prof.Najamul Hasan as Dean, Research and Consultancy 04/6/2018
 Appointment of Prof.Shagufta Shaheen as Dean, International Students 04/6/2018
 Constitution of Advisory Committee for the office of Dean (Alumni) 04/6/2018
 Appointment of Prof.Shane Kazim Naqvi, Professor, DDE as Director Incharge, Directorate of Distance Education 04/6/2018
 Dr. M. A.Sikandar and 4Yuva representative displaying the MoU 03/6/2018
 Awareness to beat plastic pollution 30/5/2018
 Appointment of Prof.Mohd Zafaruddin, Professor, Dept. of Translation as Head, Dept. of Translation 24/5/2018
 Re-Schedule of Summer Vacations 22/5/2018
 Constitution of the Centralized Hostel Admission committee 21/5/2018
 Appointment of Department Coordinators for Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) 21/5/2018
  Notice- Seeking Prior Information from the boarders about the preferred Diet of Sehri 18/5/2018
 Revision of Pay of Model School Teachers on the recommendation of 7th CPC 18/5/2018
 Notice regarding - Online Hostel Admission Form - 2018-19 17/5/2018
 Appointment of Shri Firoz Bakht Ahmed, Educationist and Noted Social Activist, as the Chancellor of the MANUU 17/5/2018
 Nomination of students for Internal Complaints Committee 17/5/2018
 Change of Address of Regional Centre Delhi - Information of new Address 16/5/2018
 Re-Constitution of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) 16/5/2018
 Constitution of the Committee for organizing Swachh Bharat Summer internship Programme 16/5/2018
 Notice regarding to submit application for staying at Boys Hostels - Summer Vacations and for Lunch during Ramazan 15/5/2018
  Circular regarding Office Timing during the Holy month of Ramzan 11/5/2018
 Order regarding Dr. Waseem Begum, Appointment of Provost (Girls Hostels) 11/5/2018
 Last Date for Submission of Online Application Form for ET Based Courses in MANUU extended till 15-05-2018 10/5/2018
 Summer Vacations and Winter Vacations for Teaching Staff of DDE 10/5/2018
 Internship offer to MANUU Students at THE SIASAT DAILY 08/5/2018
 Soft Copy of the format for submission of Immovable Property Returns by Group A & B employees Ref: MANUU O.M. dated 03.05.2018 07/5/2018
 Submission of Immovable Property Return by the employees of autonomous and subordinate institutes/organization in the Ministry of HRD 04/5/2018
 Circular for Mess Caution Deposit Refund (Revised) 01/5/2018
 Notice for availing hostel facility during summer vacation, who are pursuing Research Programmes 01/5/2018
 Hostel Vacating Certificate' who are completing their Final Year Semester Examination of the current Academic Year 2017-18 01/5/2018
 Notification regarding implementation of Central Services(Medical Attendance) rules 27/4/2018
 Revival of activities of Sub-Regional Centre (SRC) Lucknow 27/4/2018
 Lok Sabha Internship Programme 2018 for MANUU Under Graduate and Post Graduate students 27/4/2018
 Notice regarding Girls Hostels re-admissions 27/4/2018
 Notice - Withhold of Hall Tickets of May Examination 2018- who pending Mess Dues 26/4/2018
 Notice and Proforma for Hostel Re-admissions at Boys Hostels for the next Academic year 2018-19 24/4/2018
 Circular regarding update of Students' Names in Urdu in IUMS Portal 24/4/2018
 Circular on Guest Faculties 24/4/2018
 Assignment of Additional Charge as Incharge Training and Placement Cell 24/4/2018
 Appointment of Prof.Syed Mohammed Haseebuddin Quadri as Director, Internal Quality Assessment Cell 21/4/2018
 Submission of Annual Performance Appraisal Report of 2017-18 by Non-Teaching Employees 20/4/2018
 Enhancement of intake in Ph.D. programs for the academic year 2018-19 20/4/2018
 Notification - Payment of Paramedical Second Year Fee 20/4/2018
 Mr. Mohd. Shaheer Zaman, Assistant Professor, MANUU - Removal from services of MANUU 18/4/2018
 Allocation of additional work to Mr. Abid Abdul Wasay, Public Relations Officer as Urdu Officer 17/4/2018
 Academic revised rates of remuneration to Academic Counselors, Coordinators, Support Staff, etc., of Learner Support Centres (erstwhile Study Centres) of the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) for UG/PG and B.Ed. Programmes 17/4/2018
 Transfers of Certain Non-Teaching Staff 17/4/2018
 Transfer of Mr. Abid Abdul Wasay, PRO from Training & Placement Cell to O/o. the PRO 16/4/2018
 Appointment of Prof.Sajid Jamal as Controller of Examinations - Notification issued 16/4/2018
 Payment of Dearness Allowance at the revised rates 13/4/2018
 Adoption of NCTE Regulations, 2014 for recruitment of teaching staff in MANUU Model Schools 13/4/2018
 Adoption of NCTE Regulations, 2014 for Minimum Qualification for appointment of teaching Staff in the School of Education and Training and CTEs of MANUU to teach NCTE recognized programs 13/4/2018
 Adoption of AICTE Regulations for Minimum Qualification for Appointments and Service Conditions for CAS benefits for the teachers and other academic staff working in MANUU - Polytechnics 13/4/2018
 Notification on joining of Ms. Lata Mallikarjuna as Finance Officer of MANUU, Hyderabad 12/4/2018
 Revised Letter for Training Programme on Academic Leadership from 23-28 April 2018 at HRDC, MANUU, Hyderabad 11/4/2018
 Training Programme on Academic Leadership for Registrars/Finance Officers/CoEs/Directors of College/University Boards from 23-28 April 2018 at HRDC, MANUU, Hyderabad 10/4/2018
 Reorganization of work among various Section/Units at the University HQs 10/4/2018
 Circular regarding Railway Concession for Summer Vacations 2018 06/4/2018
 Notice regarding to Claim the Refund of Mess Amount of Boarder's of Boys Hostels after calculating final Mess Bills till May 2018 05/4/2018
 Change of Nomenclature of Staff Nurse to Nursing Officer 05/4/2018
 Appointment of Dr.K.P.Singh as Director (Coordination) - Notification issued 04/4/2018
 Reimbursement of Children Education allowance 01/4/2018
  Appointment of Dr.Danish Moin, Associate Professor as Head, Dept. of History 30/3/2018
  Extension of Term of appointment of Assistant Dean, Students Welfare 30/3/2018
  Assignment of Additional Charge as Controller of Examinations to Prof.P.F.Rahman, Professor, Dept. of Zoology 30/3/2018
 Circular for Timelines for Even Semester Exam 2018 30/3/2018
  Public Notice - Dismissal of Mr. Abdul Rafeeq from the University Service 28/3/2018
 Circular for Lucknow and Srinagar Campuses 28/3/2018
 Notification - Application of Govt of India Rules on service matters for all University employees & Competent Authorities for appointments, disciplinary action and appeals/review for University employees (teaching & non-teaching) 28/3/2018
 Opening of offices on closing holidays (GH) from 29-31 March, 2018 27/3/2018
 Medical Reimbursement Regulations, 2010-Revision of rates of monthly subscription w.e.f 1.4.2018 & Amendment regarding removal of ceiling in Medical reimbursement 26/3/2018
 One week Workshop on Research Methodology for all Research Scholars 22/3/2018
 Release of 7th CPC Arrears to Teachers, Officers and Non-Teaching Staff of MANUU 22/3/2018
 Extension of appointment of Prof.M.A.Azeem as Proctor, MANUU 22/3/2018
 Re-Schedule of Summer Vacations 21/3/2018
 Urgent Job Requirement for Urdu and English Voice Process in Tech Mahindra 21/3/2018
 Printing and Issue of Health Card 16/3/2018
 Constitution of Advisory Committee for Training and Placement 15/3/2018
 Empanelment of Casual Editor / Reporter, News Reader-cum Translator & Data Entry Operator in Regional News Unit, All India Radio, Hyderabad 13/3/2018
 Selection of Eight Civil Diploma Students from MANUU Polytechnic for a Company in Dubai 13/3/2018
 Temporary Deputation of MANUU employees for Haj Duty - Instructions issued 12/3/2018
 Office order regarding Performance Audit 2012-13 to 2017-18 12/3/2018
 Notice regarding to have Cultural Stall and Cultural Evening on the Occasion of Annual Hostel Dinner 09/3/2018
 Appointment of Prof. P.H.Mohammed as Head, Dept. of Sociology, MANUU 07/3/2018
 Appointment of Prof.Abdul Wahid as member of Executive Council of MANUU 07/3/2018
 Appointment of Prof. Syed Najamul Hasan as member of Executive Council of MANUU 07/3/2018
 New Official Email IDs for Faculty, Officers & Staff 07/3/2018
 Guest Coupon for Non-boarders, friends and parents of the students on the occasion of ‘Annual Hostel Dinner’ of Boys Hostels schedule on 17th March 2018 05/3/2018
 Circular, Consent form and list of employees of Group Term Insurance Scheme 01/3/2018
 Session of Employability Skills Enhancement Training Programme 01/3/2018
 Employability Skills Enhancement Training Programme 01/3/2018
 Notice regarding formal dress for special occasions in MANUU Boys Hostels 28/2/2018
 Circular regarding Postal Life Insurance (PLI) 28/2/2018
 Appointment of Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Khan as Joint Proctor MANUU 28/2/2018
 National Workshop and Conference on 'Gender Empowerment and Sensitization - Policy Response' 23/2/2018
 Appointment Prof. Siddiqui Mohd. Mahmood, Professor, Dept. of Edn. & Trg as Dean, Students Welfare 21/2/2018
 Constitution of Committee to suggest governance structure and pay scales of teaching staff working in MANUU Model Schools 21/2/2018
  Circular regarding timely Submission of bills for payment 21/2/2018
 Order regarding Revision of pay of Teachers and equivalent cadres in MANUU as per 7CPC 20/2/2018
 Order regarding Revision of pay of Officers of MANUU as per 7CPC 20/2/2018
 Order regarding Revision of Non-Teaching staff of MANUU as per 7CPC 20/2/2018
 Undertaking for Teachers & other academic staff 20/2/2018
 Undertaking for Group-A Officers and Non-Teaching Staff 20/2/2018
  Circular regarding Direct Bill Payment 20/2/2018
  Appointment of Prof. Ehtesham Ahmad Khan as Head, Dept. of MCJ 16/2/2018
  Placement Drive for Arabic Students on 20th February, 2018 16/2/2018
  Remedial Coaching for students from professional courses 16/2/2018
 30th Meeting of Academic Council- Intimation 15/2/2018
Addressing of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will be addressing students of all educational institutions at 11.00 a.m. on Friday, 16th Feb. 2018 through 'Live Telecast' on the topic 'Handling Examination Stress and Making Exams Fun' 15/2/2018
  Appointment of Prof.Ehtesham Ahmed Khan as Dean, School of Mass Communication & Journalism, MANUU 14/2/2018
  Appointment of Prof. Shahida as Dean, School of Arts & SocialSciences, MANUU 12/2/2018
 Appointment of Prof.H.Khatija Begum as Member of Executive Council of MANUU 12/2/2018
  Extension of last date of receiving the application for the UGC Scholarship 07/2/2018
  3 day AZAD TEK FEST - 2018 & Golden Age Exhibition on 7th to 9th February, 2018 at MANUU Polytechnic 06/2/2018
 Employability Skills Enhancement Training Programme 02/2/2018
 Uploading of approved Synopsis / Research Proposals on Shodhgangotri 02/2/2018
 Admission to Certificate Course in Urdu 01/2/2018
 Grant of Dearness Relief to pensioners of the Central Autonomous Bodies who are drawing pre-revised pension as per 6th CPC 01/2/2018
 Appointment of Prof. Syed Mohammed Haseebuddin Quadri 01/2/2018
 List of three Closed Holidays for the Calendar Year 2018 for the MANUU Satellite Campuses, located outside the University Headquarters 31/1/2018
 Prof.Shane Kazim Naqvi designated as Director, Center for Information Technology, MANUU 31/1/2018
 Appointment of Dr.Shagufta Parveen as Incharge Day Care Centre 31/1/2018
 Relieving of Dr. M. Mazhar Quadri, Assistant Regional Director from Physical Education & Sports, Hyderabad 31/1/2018
 Official E-Mail Account on manuu.edu.in domain 30/1/2018
 Circular Regarding - Online - NON-NET Fellowship Claim and Certification 25/1/2018
 Notification of Extension of date in Semester Fee payment 25/1/2018
 Recovery of Bonus of Central Government employees for the year 2015-16-Modification to the orders issued earlier 25/1/2018
  Notice on NCC (Girls) Senior Division for MANUU 25/1/2018
 Printing and issue of ID Cards 25/1/2018
 Amendments in the Regulations for the MPhil and PhD Programes of MANUU-2017 24/1/2018
 CBCS Courses Approval - Freezing 24/1/2018
 Mandatory Requirements for MPhil and PhD Semester-II 24/1/2018
 Additional Charge of Assistant Director, Physical Education & Sports to Mr. M. Mujahid Ali, Producer-I 24/1/2018
 Transfer of certain Assistant Regional Directors 24/1/2018
 Celebration of 69th Republic Day at MANUU Hyderabad 24/1/2018
 Grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (Ad-hoc Bonus) to Central Govt. Employees for the year 2015-16 and 2016-17 - Recovery 23/1/2018
 Circular regarding Submission of MPhil Dissertation 2016-17 batch 23/1/2018
 Conduct of Research Advisory Committee Meetings 23/1/2018
 Last date for payment of Semester Fee Extended 23/1/2018
 Vacation at CTE, Srinagar and Arts and Science College for Women at Budgam 22/1/2018
 Circular regarding extension date of National Conference on Empowering Minorities 18/1/2018
 UGC Schlorships 2017-18 18/1/2018
 2018 Commonwealth Scholarship in the United Kingdom 18/1/2018
 Lok Sabha Research Fellowships 2018-19 18/1/2018
 FAQ / Aadhaar 17/1/2018
 Notice on Bio-Metric Attendance 16/1/2018
 Declaration of Holiday on 15th January, 2018 on account of Sankranti 11/1/2018
 Medical Reimbursement Scheme 2010 - Relaxation of two basic ceiling in case of chronic diseases 11/1/2018
 Nomination of students to 8th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad (Indian Student Parliament) 10/1/2018
 Extension of Date Submission of CAS Applications 05/1/2018
  Implementation of Bio-Metric Attendance 05/1/2018
 Circular regarding DDE-Pending Results of Re-Registration Cases 04/1/2018
 Appointment of M. Vilayat Ali Baig as Technical Officer (Civil) and Mr. M. Abdul Quadeer as Technical Assistant (Electrical) 03/1/2018
 Meeting of the Committee 'to frame the guidelines for organization of distinguished Lecture Series' 02/1/2018
 Appointment of Dr. K.P. Singh, Finance Officer as Director I/c, HRDC, MANUU 02/1/2018
 Circular - Result Declaration, Grievances and Student Registration 29/12/2017
 Circular - Result Declaration of Distance Mode Courses 28/12/2017
 Constitution of Committee to finalize the Winter vacations for CTE Srinagar and ASCW, Budgam 28/12/2017
 Constitution of Committee for Know your College (KYC) Portal 28/12/2017
 Committee to review the wages structure for short- term contractual non-teaching employees 26/12/2017
 Allocation of Research Work by Research Supervisors 22/12/2017
  Conduct of Research Advisory Committee Meetings 22/12/2017
  Circular regarding bills for direct payments and availing / settlement of advance 22/12/2017
  Procedure for admission to the hospitals under SGMHIP and claim 20/12/2017
 Extension of term of appointment of Prof.S.M.Rahmatullah as Dean, Satellite Campuses 19/12/2017
 Process of files of Non-NET Fellowship for the Month of November, 2017 for all the Research Scholars prior to 2017-18 Batch 14/12/2017
 Guidelines for Cliam of Non-NET Fellowship – “ONLINE” 13/12/2017
 Constitution of Committee for Student Health Insurance Scheme for the academic year 2017-18 13/12/2017
 Circular - Online Registration-Submission of Non-NET Fellowship Claim Forms by M.Phil and PhD Research Scholars 9/12/2017
 Circular regarding Budget Control Measures 9/12/2017
 Pending Certificates of the Students 7/12/2017
 Appointment of Dean (Alumni) 7/12/2017
 Appointment of Prof. Shakeel Ahmad as PVC, MANUU 7/12/2017
 Nomination of Academic Coordinators for Satellite Campuses/Institutions 1/12/2017
 Nomination of Academic Coordinators for various Departments on HQ Campus 1/12/2017
 Appointment of Head, Department of Persian 30/11/2017
 Lectures on Procurement on 28th and 29th November 2017 at Library Auditorium 24/11/2017
 Three days workshop on “Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment with Open Educational Resources,Education Technology Tools & Moodle MOOC Platform” 24/11/2017
 Nominated Faculty for three days workshop on “Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment with Open Educational Resources,Education Technology Tools & Moodle MOOC Platform” 24/11/2017
 Notification for joining of Dr.B.K.Mohapatra as Director I/c, Cuttack Campus, MANUU 24/11/2017
 Emergency Ambulance Facility 24/11/2017
 Special Casual Leave for Persons with Disability 23/11/2017
 Course in Communication Skills in English 21/11/2017
 Constitution of Committee for revision of Boarding and Lodging rates of University Guest House 20/11/2017
 Timelines for Update/Display of Attendance and Continuous Internal Evaluation 15/11/2017
 Continuance of the UGC Schemes 15/11/2017
 Sensitization programme for Non-Teaching Officers and staff on PwD 10/11/2017
 Examination Regulations under Choice Based Credit System (Effective from Academic Year 2016-17) 09/11/2017
 Publication of Research Articles in Refereed Journals by the PhD Scholars 09/11/2017
 Circular regarding Transfer of Payments to Satellite Campuses / RCs and SRCs 08/11/2017
 Suspension of classes 06/11/2017
 Appointment of Prof. Fatima Begum as a Member of Finance Committee 03/11/2017
 Students Support Service(Grievance Cell), DDE, MANUU 02/11/2017
 Lecture by Shri. G. N. Suder Raja, Former Additional Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General of India on 2nd November 2017 at 3.00 pm 01/11/2017
 Appointment of Prof.Syed Najamul Hasan as Head, Dept. of Mathematics 01/11/2017
 TSCHE-Internship Programme Information 01/11/2017
 Circular Quiz Competition - Maualana Azad Day Celebrations 2017 26/10/2017
 Reconstitution of Student Disciplinary Committee for University Students 25/10/2017
 National Conference- Understanding Civil Services in the Present Era 23/10/2017
 Constitution of Departmental Research Committee of Department of Education and Training,MANUU 18/10/2017
 Azad Day Celebrations - 2017 -Ek Shaam MANUU Staff ke Naam 17/10/2017
 Professional Development Programme on Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment with Open Educational Resources 17/10/2017
 Appointment of Prof. Farida Siddiqui, as Head, Dept. of Economics 16/10/2017
 Appointment of Dr. S. Maqbool Ahmad, as Head, Dept. of Botany 16/10/2017
 Appointment of Dr. Parveen Jahan, as Head, Dept. of Zoology 16/10/2017
 Appointment of Dr. H. Aleem Basha, as Head, Dept. of Physics 16/10/2017
 Corrections in Profile and Basic data of Students to be Incorporated in University Database 16/10/2017
 Appointment of Observer for Conducting MANUU Teachers Association (MANUUTA) Election – 2017-18 16/10/2017
 Constitution of Committee for “Student Union Advisory Body” for the Academic year 2017-18 16/10/2017
 Appointment of Prof.Mohd Naseemuddin, Dean, School of Languages, Linguistics & Indology as Member of the Executive Council 16/10/2017
 Appointment of Prof. Fatima Begum, Dean, School of Education & Trg. as Member of the Executive Council 16/10/2017
 Lecture of Dr. H.S. Rana, Principal Director, IPA Bengaluru on Friday 13.10.2017 at 2.30 pm in CPDUMT Auditorium for Non-teaching Staff 11/10/2017
 Safety and Security of Students in the University Campus 09/10/2017
 Appointment of Prof.Badiuddin Ahmed as Dean, School of Commerce & Business Management 09/10/2017
 Transaction Audit of MANUU University by O/o Director General of Audit (Central),Hyderabad 06/10/2017
 PWD Cell(MANUU) Invites a screening of the film 05/10/2017
 Appointment of Prof. P.F.Rahman, Professor, Dept. of Zoology as Director, Directorate of Admissions 05/10/2017
 Notification for Establishment of Directorate of Admission 05/10/2017
 Foundation stone laying ceremony of vertical extension of Gulzar Girls Hostel & Boys Hostel-III at MANUU Campus 05/10/2017
 Assignment of Additional charge to Dr.Afroz Alam as Incharge Direcrtor, ABCSSEIP 05/10/2017
 Relieving of Prof. Kancha Ilaiah from the post of Professor-cum-Director, ABCSSEIP 05/10/2017
 Appointment of Prof.Abdul Wahid as Dean, School of CS&IT 05/10/2017
 Appointment of Assistant Controller of Examinations 05/10/2017
 Bharatvani Project of MHRD – Submission of copyrighted publications in Indian languages 05/10/2017
 Enhancement of Sitting fee to External members of Statutory Bodies and outside experts invited on various committee meetings 03/10/2017
 Appointment of Dr.Pradeep Kumar, Associate Professor as Head, Dept. of CS&IT 03/10/2017
 Extension of term of appointment of Prof.Mushtaq Ahmed I.Patel as Dean, Students Welfare 03/10/2017
 Payment of Dearness Allowance at the Revised rates 29/09/2017
 Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Birth Centenary Celebrations 29/09/2017
 Reconstitution of Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the University 29/09/2017
 Notification for Revised monthly Contribution of Regular/Retired Employees for Medical Reimbursement 29/09/2017
 Recognition orders of the UGC/DEC/DEB for the Courses Offered by the DDE, MANUU 22/09/2017
 Timely release of Monthly Fellowship to Research Scholars 22/09/2017
 Appointment of Prof.Akbar Ali Khan, Professor-Distance Edn, DDE as Additional Director, DDE 17/09/2017
 Deduction of Income Tax at Source for the Financial Year 2017-18 15/09/2017
 Declaration of even semester results and grievances 14/09/2017
 Holiday declared on 13th Sept. 2017 at all the Off Campus offices RC's/SRC's/ITI's/Polytechnic's/CTE's/Model School's on account of MANUU Student's Union Elections held on 12th Sept. 2017 12/09/2017
 Holiday declared on 13th Sept. 2017 at MANUU Headquarters on account of MANUU Student's Union Elections held on 12th Sept. 2017 12/09/2017
 Notification - Prof.Mohd.Naseemuddin Farees taken over the charge as Director, HKS Centre for Deccan Studies 11/09/2017
 Constitution of Review Committee to review the Academic Activities of H.K Sherwani Centre for Deccan Studies 11/09/2017
 Appointment of Prof. Naseemuddin Farees as Director, H.K Sherwani Centre for Deccan Studies 11/09/2017
 Notice - To pay the Mess Fee through Cash on 09.09.2017 to Caretakers of your Hostels 8/09/2017
 Students Union Elections 2017-18 Suspension of classes 8/09/2017
 Formation of a Committee to look into Loan and Scholarship facilities 8/09/2017
 Closer of Madhubani Study Centre 7/09/2017
 Constitution of committee for organizing Swachhta Pakhwada 4/09/2017
 National Scholarship Portal(NSP)-extension of last date-intimation 4/09/2017
 National conference on 'Understanding Civil Services in the Present era' 4/09/2017
 Notification of Appointment of Dr.M.A.Sikandar as Registrar, MANUU 1/09/2017
 Constitution of core committee for organizing Azad Day Celebrations 31/08/2017
 Circular - Authorisation of charge back 29/08/2017
 Bills / Vouchers against the expenditure regarding 29/08/2017
 Vehicles Sticker Pass Requisition form for Staff, Students & Part-time/Daily wage employees 24/08/2017
 Appointment of Nodal Officer for National Academic Depository(NAD) 24/08/2017
 Ministry of Minority Affairs and other Scholarship schemes for 2017-18 24/08/2017
  Lecture of Mr. A.K.Sinha for Non-teaching staff (HQs) on 24.08.2017 23/08/2017
  Amendment in Clause 29.1(f) of DRC Compostion of the PhD Regulations 21/08/2017
  Forwarding requisitions for procurement of equipments/furniture/repairs etc. by Offices other than Headquarters 21/08/2017
  Advisory Committee-UGC Coaching Schemes 21/08/2017
  Conduct of Course Work Examinations & Allocation of Topic / Synopsis Approval 18/08/2017
 Second Batch of Training on Open Source Office Productivity Tools and Cyber Security scheduled from 21.8.2017 to 28.8.2017 17/08/2017
  Committee for Students Union Elections 2017-18 17/08/2017
  Notice - Details of Hostel- Mess/Fee, Time of Admission and required Documents etc for Third List for Provisional Hostel Admission at Boys Hostels -2017-18 14/08/2017
  Committee for revision of rates of Honorarium /Remuneration for Regular and Distance mode exams 10/08/2017
  Notice - Recovery for Lost Dining Hall Utensils from Mess Advance in May-Jun 2017-18 at Boys Hostels 10/08/2017
  Notice- Not to Remove Sliding Windows and to Lash Glass Windows at Boys Hostels -2017-18 10/08/2017
  Notice- Not to allow non- boarders and illegal students at your Rooms of Boys Hostels 2017-18 10/08/2017
 Felicitation of Mr. Muzzamil Khan-Invitation 9/08/2017
 Notice - Invitation of Application for the Posts of Different Secretaries at Boys Hostels - 2017-18 8/08/2017
 Circular regarding Independence Day,2017 8/08/2017
 Dharna Call Given by MANUUTA on 08.08.2017 at 1.00 pm without the consensus of all the members of the General Body 8/08/2017
 Swapping bouquets with books or Khadi products 8/08/2017
 Circular regarding RC-Srinagar Exam Registration 7/08/2017
 Dr. S. Maqbool Ahmed - Appointed as Coordinator, UGC-Coaching Scheme for Entry into Services for Minority Community Students 4/08/2017
 Dr. Syed Najiullah - Appointed as Coordinator, UGC-Scheme for Coaching classes for National Eligibility Test(NET) or State Eligibility Test for Minority Community Students 4/08/2017
 Mr. Mohammed Mustafa Ali, Associate Professor, Dept. of MCJ - Appointed as Coordinator, UGC-Scheme of Remedical Coaching for Minority Community Students 4/08/2017
  Prof.-cum-Director, CSE-Residential Coaching Academy - Appointed as Nodal Officer, Equal Opportunity Cell 4/08/2017
  Committee to Organize Independence Day Celebrations 4/08/2017
 Letter from UGC-About Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB)-Young Professional Programm(YPP) 4/08/2017
 Reverting back of Assistant Professor to his original place of posting on Administrative Grounds 4/08/2017
 Notice- Opening of Mess facility, Boys Hostels 2017-18 4/08/2017
 Notice- Mess Rules & Regulations 2017-18 4/08/2017
 Committee for fixing of statue of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in the University Campus 3/08/2017
 Conduct of exhibition/symposium on National Handloom Day Celebration by DFP 3/08/2017
 Payment of Semester Fee for 3rd,5th & 7th Semesters 3/08/2017
 PG-Generic Elective-Option to exercise within two weeks 3/08/2017
 Dr. G.V. Ratnakar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Hindi - Appointment as Warden (Boys Hostel-II) 2/08/2017
 Dr. M. Khalid Mubashir-uz-Zafar, Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Translation - Appointment as Deputy Dean, Students Welfare 2/08/2017
 Dr. Shaikh Shaheen Altaf, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education & Training - Appointment as Deputy Dean, Students Welfare 2/08/2017
 Mr. Mohammed Mujahid Ali, Producer, IMC - Appointment as Warden, Boys Hostel-I 2/08/2017
 Prof. Badiuddin Ahmad, Professor, Dept. of Commerce - Appointment as Advisor, University Guest House 2/08/2017
 Prof. Saneem Fatima, Professor, Dept. of Management Studies - Appointment as Joint Dean, Academic Affairs 2/08/2017
 Prof. Shahid Naukez Azmi, Professor, Dept. of Persian - Appointment as Joint Director, Centre for Deccan Studies 2/08/2017
 Vice Chancellor's Reply to MANUUTA's Letter Dated 28.07.2017 2/08/2017
 Notice -Extension of Hostel re admissions at Boys Hostels -2017-18 1/08/2017
 Prof. Siddiqui Mohd. Mahmood, Professor, Dept. of Education & Training - Appointment as Incharge Head of Dept. 1/08/2017
 Committee for implementation of Book Acquisition Policy at all the Off Campuses of MANUU 1/08/2017
 Constitution of Sports Monitoring Committee 31/07/2017
 Committee for Persons with Disability Cell 27/07/2017
 Committee for examine applications for Award of ITG for presentation of papers/attending Workshops / Seminars/ Conferences in abroad 27/07/2017
 Notice regarding not to allow unauthorized / illegal student in the Hostel rooms 26/07/2017
 Constitution of Committee to frame the qualifications / experience for the faculty of Education in the light of the revised NCTE Regulations, 2014 26/07/2017
 Conduct of Short-term Training Program on Open Source Office Productivity Tools and Cyber Security 24/07/2017
 Appointment of Dr. Syed Khaja Safiuddin as Assistant Director, UGC - HRDC, MANUU 24/07/2017
 Assignment of additional charge of Pof. Amirullah Khan as Director, Placement & Training 24/07/2017
 Transfer of certain non-teaching Employees 21/07/2017
 Notice regarding Hostel Admission for newly Admitted students 2017-18 20/07/2017
 Revised Time Table for Conduct of Classes for various Departments of the University 19/07/2017
 Change of Office Timings in the University 19/07/2017
 Term completion notice of MANUU students Union 2016-17 19/07/2017
 Appointment of Dr. Mohd. Fahim Akhtar, as Head, Department of Islamic Studies 17/07/2017
 Circular-Submission of Children Education Allowance bills between 01st April to 31st August, every year 12/07/2017
  Nomination for 1st Batch of Hindi Parangat Course under Hindi Teaching Scheme at MANUU,Hyderabad 06/07/2017
  Vision of Maulana Azad and Nation Building: Post-Independence Decentralized Developmental Paradigm of India on 7th & 8th December, 2017 06/07/2017
  Notice regarding Hostel re-admission for Hostel accommodation at MANUU Hostels for current Academic Year 2017-18 05/07/2017
  Hostel Online Admission Form 2017-18 05/07/2017
  Notice regarding to apply online admission for Hostel accommodation at MANUU Hostels for newly students taking admissions in current year 2017-18 04/07/2017
  Constitution of Centralized Hostel Admission Committee for Hostel Admissions for the Academic Year 2017-18 27/06/2017
  Declaration of Holiday on 23.06.2017 on account of Jamat-ul-Vida 20/06/2017
  Organizing International Yoga Day in the University 20/06/2017
  Mr. Abrar Ahmad, Assistant Registrar- Nominated as Nodal Officer 14/06/2017
  Appointment of Mr.Mohd. Hashim Ali Sajid as Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), MANUU 14/06/2017
  Submission of Panel of Examiners & Syllabus of all programmes (Bridge Course, UG, PG, MPhil, PhD and     Certificate/Diploma) 09/06/2017
  Circular regarding condolence meeting of Dr. Kavita Meena 07/06/2017
  Office Order of revised fixation under MACPs to 114 Non-teaching Staff 07/06/2017
  MANUU CSE Academy-Organising of Special Lecture on 8th June 2017 07/06/2017
  Forwarding of Monthly Attendance of Regular employees 07/06/2017
  Circular - Attendance details of Contractual / daily wage employees 02/06/2017
  Circular - Instructions on operation of Bank accounts and drawal of direct bills 01/06/2017

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