DDE :: Mandatory Information - DEB / UGC
  1. DEB-Application for Recognition of HEI / Programmes Under Open and Distance Learning Mode UGC(ODL) Regulations, 2018

  2. Annexures - Attached with DEB Application

  3. Name of the Programs on offer

      PG Programs
    1. M.A. (Urdu)
    2. M.A. (English)
    3. M.A. (History)

    4. UG Programs
    5. B.A.
    6. B.Sc.(CBZ)
    7. B.Sc.(PCM)
    8. B.Ed.(DM)

    9. Diploma Programs
    10. Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication (DJMC)
    11. Diploma in Teaching English

    12. Certificate Programs
    13. Certificate of Proficiency in Urdu through English
    14. Certificate in Functional English

  4. Approval of the Statutory bodies of the University:
          All the above courses are approved by the Academic Council and Executive Council of the University

  5. Approval of Regulatory bodies:
    1. Approval of Distance Education Bureau-University Grants Commission (DEB-UGC)
    2. Approval of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

  6. Details of academic calendar 2017-18:

  7. Details of academic calendar 2016-17:

  8. Details of academic calendar 2015-16:

  9. Student strength:

  10. List of study centres and examination centres:

  11. Availability of SLMs on website: website of the Directorate of Distance Education is under construction and DDE is in process to provide the SLM on its website.

  12. Elaboration of academic MoU for ODL programmes: MoUs are signed with study centres across the country to cater the distance education programmes of the University.

  13. Name and other details of Course Coordinators at Headquarters:

  14. Complete Prospectus/brochure:

  15. Territorial jurisdiction of the University/Institution:

    Maulana Azad National Urdu University is a Central University established by an Act of the Parliament. ‘The Maulana Azad National Urdu University Act, 1996’ (No. 02 of 1997). As per the Act the Territorial Jurisdiction of the University shall extend to the whole of India.

                Hence, the Directorate of Distance Education has established its Regional Centres, Sub-Regional Centres and Study Centres across the country. The University does not possess any Study Centre/ Examination Centre beyond its territorial jurisdiction and also does not possess any Study Centres in franchisee mode even within its territorial jurisdiction.

  16. Minimum qualification of incumbent subject Coordinators/ Counsellors at the Study Centres (programme wise):

  17. Details of Faculty, Administrative officials of the Directorate of Distance Education, MANUU: